2019 Summary Interview with CSGO coach – Whitey

POSTED BY Morgan Ashurst December 23, 2019

We interview Fierce Esports Counterstrike: Global Offensive coach George “Whitey” White to give us a run down of 2019.

From competing himself, to now coaching arguably the top talent within the UK. George tells us the positives and negatives of 2019 and what to expect from the all-new Fierce Esports roster heading into the new year.

George pictured far right

For those who don’t know you please introduce yourself

My name is George White, I am 22 years old and I am the coach of Fierce Esports CSGO team. My in game alias is “Whitey” which was found from playing football in my younger years.

What is your history in esports?

My history in esports has been primarily Counter Strike for 4-5 years. I started out as a casual player and from watching professional games/LAN events on twitch. I started to fall in love with the competitive aspect of play so continued to play and eventually I formed teams to attend events after months of practice. From going to events I started to meet more people and learn more and more about higher tier level of competitive play and get my name out there more.

It wasn’t around until early 2018 that I started to become more known because of my personality from social media, with this happening I started to meet a lot more people at LAN events and was recognised by players with more experience.

During this time people knew me because of the teams I started to form from scratch and build up, I was currently playing in my team “Madeeka”. At Epic 25 I managed to achieve my highest placement and a lot of people complimented us on it as we were now a brand-new top 5 team within the UK.

From there I landed my first professional contract as a CSGO coach at Team Endpoint and a lot of people had high hopes for me who knew my background. This was one of my best experiences in my life, I lived in a gaming house for 6 months, I travelled across the country and visited places out of the country for LAN tournaments including Copenhagen Games 2019 and I gradually grew in all areas of CSGO coaching.

After my time at Team Endpoint I went onto coaching CeX esports. After attending a few events with them I noticed Astroo tweeting about Fierce looking for a potential coach to join their new lineup. At this current time I wanted more of a challenge and to be back at the highest level of UK esports. Since joining we have made three finals and came 2nd place at all three.

What are your thoughts on the latest Fierce Esports roster?

My latest thoughts on the new roster is very positive. Puls3 and Luzuh, the two new additions I have teamed with when I was in Endpoint, these are two of the highest tier players you can find within the UK and there history of numerous LAN event wins proves this. It would of been stupid by us as a team to not trial these guys and hopefully get them comfortable to bring them on board as within due time and hard work I feel like this will be one of the highest skill ceiling rosters you can have in UKCSGO. The big positives that this new roster brings is how well we all get along with each other and how experiences each individual is in, having a discussion from a loss to a win we can fix things in fluid motion. There are no arguments or setbacks within anything and for a team in the UK this mentality is the key to progressing.

You recently placed 2nd at epic.LAN Grosvenor finals, what are the main takes from this event?

We recently placed 2nd at epic.LAN Grosvenor finals and we took a lot of positives from this event alongside the negatives. The positives are that with such little preperation time and practice as a new roster (two weeks) we were able to prove we can play a very high level of counter strike at times. With a bit more time to clean up the small errors made in certain rounds, we will be able to keep this level consistent. Another positive is that when it comes down to the biting point and things go wrong, we are able to fix the issue very quickly and win the next round within a tactical pause. We were one round loss away from being grouped by LionsCreed at the event and each individual shined. A lot of the negatives with the roster was based on the amount of practice time on the build up to the event, we need to work hard on correcting these issues for 2020.

The team seem to fall at the last hurdle per event, what do we expect to see change in the future?

Something I really strive to push forward into all UK teams, is mentality. Without strong mentality teams and players will fall at such small hurdles. We need more passion, more belief and more calmness going forward into every single game whether we are playing an in form team or out of form. It isn’t something that can be perfected within so many months but so far I have seen improvements and I think for 2020 the work I put into the players on this particular issue will prove in our next events.

2020 is a new year, what are your personal goals for the team in the new year?

I want to keep this answer short because as a team we’ve answered this all together. We’ve said in 2020 if we aren’t winning every UK LAN event and progressively throughout the year not breaking into the european scene, we aren’t working hard enough. We do not want to be second best. 2019 was full of ups and downs but we’ve learnt our biggest lessons and this means for 2020 we’re coming in with a strong heart, strong mentality and a strive to win everything we possibly can. Not only for us, but for the support that Fierce Esports gives us.

What would you say to those that underestimate the Fierce Esports CSGO team?

If people want to underestimate us, that’s totally fine. We can only change that opinion by our actions and not words, and they’ll see in 2020 that their opinion of us was poor when we’re lifting a lot of UK trophies and playing a high-tier level of Counter Strike.

Thank you for your time George, any final words?

Only final words I would like to say is special shout outs to the people who have supported me as an individual and my team (they know who they are) and I hope they will continue to support this promising roster going into 2020.

My last shout out is to Fierce Esports and even Fierce PC Ltd for the opportunities and pure support we’ve received. We’re so greatly appreciated and we can’t wait to start bring home the trophies that they deserve. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all reading and here’s to another year of esports.

A big thank you to Whitey for participating in this interview, we look forward to supporting the team going into 2020 and how they progress with their latest roster. Make sure you drop him a follow on his Twitter here.



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