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Fierce Esports CS:GO: Our Aims For The Season

POSTED BY Morgan Ashurst August 20, 2019

The UK CS:GO scene is improving each week, it seems.

In addition to Fierce Esports, Vexed Gaming and Endpoint in particular have improved their squads for the upcoming season, and competition in the ESL Premiership looks set to be explosive. With that in mind, let’s look ahead to this upcoming season, and what we hope to achieve over the next 3 months.

Fierce Esports To Qualify For The MDL

As an organisation, our main goal in CS:GO is to qualify for the European Premier Division—also known as the Mountain Dew League (MDL).

Last season Fierce Esports reached the Advanced Division Playoffs semi-finals, which secured our qualification into the MDL Relegation—a 12-team qualifying tournament where the top 4 teams make the league. We fell to SJ Gaming and HAVU Gaming which you can read a review of here, which confirmed our place in the Advanced Division for this season.

We will be competing against many of the same teams during this campaign; Vexed, who will be keen to outdo us in Europe as well as in the UK, Izako Boars, Bluejays International, SJ Gaming, and DefuseKids, just to name a few. We placed 5th out of 70 teams during the regular season last time around. This season we’re aiming higher.

The natural next step is to qualify for the MDL. And given our consistent improvement each season since starting off in CS:GO a year ago, we’re confident that this can happen—perhaps this season.

Fierce To Win UK LAN Events

Despite being favourites to win the ESL Premiership Summer Finals in July, we lost the our semi-final to Wind and Rain. Taking 1st place in a LAN event is a priority this season.

Winning the upcoming ESL Premiership Winter Finals in November is important to us; no Fierce team has won an ESL Premiership LAN event, so securing our first victory would be an important milestone for us as an organisation. We will also be at epic.LAN 28 in October—another opportunity for us to win a LAN event.

Repeat ESL Premiership Online Stage Success

Last season we finished in 1st place, which secured our spot in the Climber Cup. There was stiff competition last season, and it seems our closest rivals have only improved. Vexed are trialling former Fierce Esports player Adam ‘ec1s’ Eccles—an excellent support player—and Endpoint have an entirely new roster with proven talent. Pensioners will be dangerous, and BuzzKill, Horus, Wind and Rain, and Royals are all threatening.

We will have to be on fire to continue winning ways this season. We managed to defeat Endpoint in our recent ECS open qualifying run, so confidence is high heading into this Premiership campaign. The team is ready for the challenge, and with less than two weeks spent playing together, the only way is up.

Fierce Esports To Rise Through HLTV World Rankings

Last season we reached 69th in the world rankings. That was a massive achievement that topped off an excellent season for Fierce. This year we’re aiming higher.

Our sights are set on breaking into the top #50 of the HLTV world rankings. This is an ambitious goal, but we believe that our team is capable. We wanted to work with players that are talented and industrious, that share similar ambitions to us as an org. We believe that in Astroo, frei, ardiis, Impulse and k1Ng0r, we’ve found that.

To read about our new additions to the team, click here.

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