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Our Season So Far

The last couple of weeks have been immensely pleasing for our Fierce Esports CS:GO team. The team technically qualified for this weekend’s MDL Premier Relegation twice, by winning the Climber Cup and finishing in the top four of the ESEA Advanced Division. Despite losing the Advanced Division playoff semi-final to a phenomenal PACT team (which you can read a match report of here), the Fierce boys reached 69th in the world rankings—attaining the bragging rights of best Counter Strike team in the UK.

This weekend was the MDL Premier Relegation—a qualifying tournament for the European Premier Division. Fierce had to finish in the top four of this weekend’s tournament to qualify for Season 32. Otherwise, they would again be competing in the ESEA Advanced Division.

Fierce Esports VS SJ Gaming

We kicked things off against SJ Gaming on Friday—a team we beat in the Advanced Division playoffs earlier this month. Nevertheless, this time was different; the Finnish squad established a foothold in the map and raced off with a 7-2 lead. This was sadly the story of our tournament—including, even, the opponent’s nationality.

Finnish CS:GO bested its UK counterpart this weekend, with SJ Gaming and HAVU Gaming both defeating Fierce without dropping a map. Despite a valiant comeback effort from Fierce, SJ Gaming took map 2, and used that momentum to secure the map 2 win on Inferno. We dropped to the loser’s bracket.

Fierce Esports VS HAVU Gaming

We played HAVU Gaming the next day, and the story was largely the same. Again sluggish first halves costed the side, as we gave ourselves too steep a mountain to climb in the second half of both maps. Fierce rarely gathered any momentum, and against teams of this quality, lackadaisical starts will be punished.

Onto ESL Summer Finals

GGs to both SJ Gaming and HAVU Gaming. Now the Fierce squad must focus on the ESL Premiership Summer Finals in Leicester next weekend. Four teams will battle it out for first place; Wind And Rain, Vexed Gaming, Endpoint, and Fierce Esports.

The lads will be at the Fierce E-Suite all week boot-camping in preparation for this weekend’s tournament. So onwards and upwards for the best CS:GO team in the country!


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