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Fierce Esports vs PACT: Semi-Final Report

POSTED BY Morgan Ashurst August 9, 2019

FIERCE VS PACT REPORT – ESEA S31 Advanced Division semi-final

We headed into this match versus PACT with confidence after dispatching of Nordavind and SJ Gaming in our last two playoff ties. Both matches saw Fierce come back from 1-0 to take the series 2-1, so the team was in good spirits heading into this semi-final. 

Map 1

Map 1 was Mirage—PACT’s map pick. PACT was off to a flying start, winning the first four rounds and heading into the half-time break up 11-4. They displayed their individual talent and team synergy from the beginning, showcasing lethal gun skill, judicious site retakes and purposeful utility usage. 

They managed to sustain their Mirage control to win the map 16-9, behind stand-out performances from ex-Virtus.Pro player Morelz and Sidneyy. On to Inferno map 2. 

Map 2

The tables turned slightly in map 2 as Fierce took a 4-1 lead, catalysed by ec1s and stan1ey. Despite this, PACT kept things close in the first half, with the score sitting at 8-7 in favour of Fierce at half-time. 

PACT then took the lead at the beginning of the second half, which marked a significant shift in map control. They managed to assert their dominance until the end, winning the map 16-8 and taking the series 2-0. 

GGs to PACT, they are a phenomenal team with outstanding talent. Good luck to them in the Premier Division!

We were beaten by the better team on the day. But that shouldn’t dampen what has been an outstanding run from the Fierce boys. They should be proud of a run that saw them climb to 69th in the HLTV world rankings, and 1st in the UK. 

We know the lads will continue to improve and will come back stronger next time their number is called.



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