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Pre-FIFA eClub World Cup Interview – Fully & BattleCat

POSTED BY Morgan Ashurst January 31, 2020
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Last year Fierce Esports expanded into competitive FIFA; firstly we signed Connor ‘BattleCat’ Keys, later bringing on ex-Epsilon player Akima ‘Fully’ Byron as Connor’s partner for the FIFA eClub World Cup 2020 Qualifiers.

The qualifiers had a different structure to most typical esports events’ with each team fielding two players, one competing on Xbox and the other on Playstation. Both players would then play 1v1 fixtures, with the Xbox player from each team competing against each other and the same for Playstation.

After five weeks of fixtures, we successfully qualified for the main event in Milan, where we will be playing against 23 of the world’s best teams, all competing for their share of a $100,000 prize-pool. We interviewed out players ahead of the competition, to get their thoughts going into the main event, the qualification process and more. See what they said below.

For those who don’t know you please introduce yourself.

Fully: I’m fully and I have been playing Fifa professionally for about 3 years. The first event I attended was on Fifa 17.

Cat: My name is Connor Keys, I come from Wrexham Wales, i’m 19 years old and play FIFA professionally for Fierce Esports as well as working part time.

You competed in five weeks worth of fixtures for the FIFA eClub World Cup qualifiers, what proved to be the biggest challenge?

Fully: The fact it was a best-of-one format made it really difficult. In addition to this the qualifiers 5 weeks long and to stay consistent every week was pretty draining!

Cat: The challenge I’d say wasn’t the players you were facing, I’d say it was more the fear of letting your teammate down after I or he accumulates so many points to then not achieve the correct outcomes and goals we wanted. Luckily that didn’t happen and we qualified in style.

What were your thoughts on the tournament format?

Fully: I love having this as a feature as having a teammate motivates you. It’s always a benefit and I really enjoyed working with Cat.

Cat: The format personally for me was okay as I fair well in best of one games as well as best of 2 we normally play in other qualifiers, however having that communication with my partner (Fully) in discord throughout the games was also key and very helpful as we could help each others morale and build on a win/draw and move on from the occasional loss.

What were your most notable match results during the online fixtures?

Fully: This is quite interesting! I’d maybe say in week 2 I had to win all 3 of my games for us not to get relegated and I did!

Cat: My most notable matches were on the final week of qualifying as that mattered the most in terms of who would qualify for the overall tournament, so id say:
2-0 Win v Poacher and a 3-0 win v West Ham’s Jas were my most professional and dominant displays overall.

With qualifying for the 2020 event, what now do you think will be your biggest challenge?

Fully: Since qualifying everything has been bliss in terms of challenges perhaps the event but I will be prepared!

Cat: Keeping momentum and keep working hard to get to more events, I’ve always said it’s harder to reach the events than playing in them. But they’re such a surreal experience to be apart of nobody wants to miss out for sure.

2020 Is going to be a big year for you both with this event. Other than that, what are your aspirations this year?

Fully: I want to qualify for at least 2/3 FUT champs cup and the eChampions League and make the Fifa eWorld Cup.

Cat: To reach playoffs at the end of the year for sure and make sure that specific tournament is the one where I go really far compared to others ones, but it would be nice to go far in all of them of course.

Where can our readers find you on social media?

Fully: You can find me on twitch: FullysLive instagram: FullysView And Twitter @_Fullyy

Cat: You can find me on Twitter (@CatFIFAx) twitch (FierceCatx) and Youtube (iBattleCat)

Thank you both for your time doing this interview, have you got any final shout outs?

Fully: Much thanks to Fierce for giving me the opportunity to shine! Much love to Billy ! And also Cat for being a great partner !

Cat: I’d like to shout out the people who have supported me over the course of my fifa career, this is the 3rd consecutive year I’ve qualified for FIFA major events out of the 3 years competing! And of course thanks to Billy and Jon for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this incredible Esport organisation, can’t wait till the upcoming tournament now!

The FIFA eClub World Cup 2020 takes place on 7th-9th February in Milan, Italy. If you’re wanting to find out more information, check out the event page here.

We will be posting updates throughout the weekend across our social media pages, to keep up with all the action make sure you drop us a follow!




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