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Rainbow Six Siege Update

POSTED BY Morgan Ashurst April 23, 2020

This year we’ve seen a few changes take place over the past few months. With Blurr temporarily transfering to Natus Vincere and coming to the end of the ESL Premiership.

After his return, Blurr wished to proceed onto new ventures leading the team to consider further changes. This resulted in the decision to mutually part ways with Prox. This means that the Fierce Esports roster are looking for two Rainbow Six players.

“We had too many support players in our previous roster. In this meta of siege we needed a more aggressive play style. This change will be healthy to the success and longevity of the team.” – Kayak (Team Captain)

The Fierce Esports roster currently consists of Kayak, Rhys and Tyrant.

Moving into the next few weeks the team will be looking for the appropriate replacements for both players. We appreciate the time dedicated from Blur and Prox during their time at Fierce Esports and the team wish them the best of luck on their future endeavours.

Keep your eyes peeled in the near future for further updates regarding the Fierce Esports Rainbow Six Siege Roster.

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